Rare Norwegian ruby gemstone set in pendant necklace ~ 925 sterling silver

image shows a side profile of the ruby tiny micro pedant, complete with textured sterling silver bezel it is set into
photo of the ruby pendant with light behind it, showing a rich dark red-pink colour
image of the norwegian ruby pendant next to a ruler, it is about 5mm wide
photo of the back of the norwegian ruby pendant, ithe metal has been artisan folded over to secure the stone in a type of bezel, you can still see the ruby from the back
photo of the ruby pendant next to my index finger nail, it shows just how tiny the pendant is as the pendant is a fractio of the size of my fingernail
image of the norwegian ruby pendant horizontal next to a ruler, it measures 9mm long including the bail
close up photo of the norwegian ruby pendant, it is tiny and has a very artisan handmade look to is. The stone is an oval shape, cabochon cut and set into heavily hand textured sterling silver bezel. The bail is too loops at the top which are almost as large as the stone. The stone is very dark pinkish red and almost opaque unless held to the light where you can then see a lovely rich deep semi transparent pinkish red colour.
Photo shows the full length of the necklace with the norwegian ruby on the trace chain it comes with

Rare tiny Ruby gemstone From norway set in pendant necklace,  handmade in 925 sterling silver

£ 120.00       One available, free shipping

It's a real pleasure to present to you a natural untreated Norwegian ruby, set into a handmade tiny micro pendant, the raw design of which was influenced by the stunning craggy area the gemstone was mined from.

Found in some Norwegian feldspar-biotite mix stone I bought in; stunning traces of genuine ruby were found throughout and I managed to carefully chisel out two tiny ruby pieces from the matrix, which was painstaking work.

Through careful shaping and smoothing by hand, I managed to get the ruby into the general oval shape I felt would best bring out its natural raw beauty. A final fingertip polish completed stone, and it was securely enclosed in hand textured solid sterling silver, using ancient primitive inspired metal forming techniques. 

While I've occasionally come across Norwegian ruby in collectors circles, it's always been as a loose specimen. I've never seen anyone set them into jewellery before, but I think they are so fascinating and such a true rarity I decided to attempt it. The result is a contemporary understated design, inspired by the beautiful natural forms and rugged rocky area of Froland in Agder county, that it originally comes from.

I've attached this one of a kind pendant on to a solid 925 sterling silver chain so you can wear it straight away, and as this is a handmade artisan item, the photos show you the exact item you'll receive.

Pendant size (including bail):  tiny small,  9 x 5mm

Necklace Chain Length:   47cm   (18.1/2 inches)

Gemstone: Ruby

Gemstone Size:  5x2mm oval  (approx, tiny freeform cabochon shape)

Gemstone Treatment:  untreated, natural

Gemstone Origin: Kleggåsen Quarry, Froland, Agder, Norway

Metal: solid 925 sterling silver 

Technical: gemstone cut and polished in UK and pendant handmade in UK. No electrical or gas powered machines were used in the creation of this pendant; I'm an artisan who enjoys using hand tools and hand powered ancient-inspired lapidary techniques to cut natural untreated gemstones and make jewellery. (Please note the chain the pendant is attached to is made in Italy).

Gemstone Knowledge

Revered for centuries for its stunning red colour, ruby is a sought after gemstone which is formed through geological processes involving high pressure and temperature conditions. Both ruby and sapphire are varieties of the mineral corundum; ruby is red corundum and gets its colour from mainly chromium traces, while sapphire is every other colour-type of corundum (eg blue corundum is blue sapphire) and generally gets its colour from traces of iron and other elements, including titanium, chromium and vanadium, depending on the colour.

Ruby formation involves the transformation of the mineral corundum (which is made up of aluminium oxide and colourless in its pure state) under specific conditions, most often from metamorphic activity in the Earth. If corundum mineral is present, and chromium impurities come into contact with it, there is a fascinating reaction between the crystal structure, chromium and aluminium oxide, which gives the corundum a red colour and it now becomes a ruby. 

Probably the world's best known red gemstone and adored by royalty across the globe for millennia, rubies have long been considered a symbol of passion; their intense red colour associated with mystical protection, deep emotions and romantic love. Not only is ruby a traditional birthstone of July and a 40th anniversary gemstone, it is also celebrated as the official state gemstone of both Karnataka in India, and North Carolina in the United States. Whether you love the cultural significance of ruby gemstones throughout history. or wear it as a birthstone, anniversary celebration, or symbol of love and protection, precious ruby continues to hold a special place in our hearts.

Care: Being a hard 9 on the MOHS scale means that ruby is a robust and safe gemstone that can be worn every day, though it's best to avoid sharply knocking it as it may cause small chips and surface damage (this applies to nearly all gemstones). Clean rubies with a soft cloth or a brush using mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners for cleaning ruby, as the vibrations and heat may damage the gemstone, especially if it has fractures or inclusions.