Care Guidance

General cleaning:


General gemstone care:

Never let pearls come into contact with hairspray, body lotions, perfumes or make up, as they may permanently damage them. Keep your pearls away from bleach, chlorine, acids, abrasives and chemicals, steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners. Store all beaded pearls and gemstone necklaces flat, as hanging them up may stretch the silk they are strung on. Avoid storing pearls next to other gemstones, as harder stones such as diamonds or topaz may scratch them. 

To clean, gently wipe your pearls down with a slightly damp cloth (no soap) every so often, drying immediately after, and avoiding the silk they are strung on (water may damage the silk). Remember - wearing your pearls as much as possible is one of the very best ways to keep them healthy and lustrous, so do enjoy them regularly; you're not doing your pearls any favours by wearing them only for special occasions!

 As long you treat your jewellery with gentle care, it should last for many, many years. If you have any further questions or need some more advice, you're welcome to get in touch at