Nica  Brac

Welcome to Nica Brac art jewellery, the natural gemstone jewellery shop which sells handmade untreated gemstones, rock, mineral, crystal jewellery.  Browse raw primal artisan made sterling silver necklaces, pendant and earrings which have been created using simple hand tools, all set with rare collector's gems and crystals, such emeralds from the Himalayas, fluorite from England, sapphire from the USA, aquamarine from Portugal  and ruby from Norway. 

Jewellery from the heart, individually handmade with love and care

Gemstones have captivated us for centuries with their beauty, symbolism, and fascinating properties. Nica Brac gemstones are carefully chosen in their natural raw crystal form (often still on their original matrix) and thoughtfully cut and polished by myself, using ancient inspired non-machinery hand techniques. The result is a collection of very different and beautiful nature inspired sterling silver crystal art jewellery that has been created from my heart and flows into your hands. Whether I am working with sapphire, slate, feldspar, ruby, limestone, emerald, granite, tanzanite, gneiss or opals, I believe that all stones are precious, and they are the heart of each creation I make.

Explore and discover a world of handmade rare gemstone jewellery that reflects the beauty of handcrafted care, raw passion, and most of all, a celebration of nature's wonders. Whether you're looking to buy a special gift, a statement piece for a memorable occasion, or a beautiful addition to your mineral, crystal or gemstone collection, Nica Brac has a unique and stunning range for you to discover, filled with unusual 925 sterling silver natural gemstone crystal art jewellery in designs you won't find anywhere else.

image shows a close up of a beaded necklace, made with nuggets of aquamarine gemstone beads,

The natural untreated gemstones, rocks and minerals I work with include well known coloured gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, peridot, garnet, amber, turquoise, topaz, quartz, opal and aquamarine. 

I'm also passionate about creating jewellery using the lesser known natural gems, such as jet, rhodochrosite, morganite, tourmaline, larimar, lapis lazuli, spinel, iolite, diopside, amazonite and chrysoberyl. 

If you are looking for something different, why not check out my collection of genuine gemstone necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings, handmade with gems, crystals and minerals often not seen set into jewellery, such as dioptase, analcime, apatite, prehnite, vesuvianite, axinite, hornblende, petalite and ceruleite. 

If you are a rock lover, I often have jewellery ranges made from beautiful igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks such as hornfel, luxullianite, travertine, dolostone, basalt, gneiss, lapis lazuli, granite, larvakite, kimberlite and schist.