" .. I warmly invite you to become part of this journey, choosing jewellery that resonates with you, not just as an accessory,  but as an beautiful expression of who you are..."  


I'm Nic, owner and artisan at Nica Brac. With almost twenty years of experience in the jewellery world, which includes antique jewellery restoration, historical research, commission work, and design, I'm now on a journey that is dedicated to rediscovering the true essence of jewellery; one which explores the incredible raw beauty of our Earth's natural wonders, along with a passion to create unique jewellery from my hands and soul, to you.

I choose to work simply, using only basic hand tools and ancient lapidary and metalwork inspired techniques. This enables me to really tune into what I feel the gemstone itself is leading me to do, working with its shape, quirks and perceived imperfections, rather than fighting against them.  I also love to explore natural shapes and the essence of nature-forms as my design inspiration, with one of my favourite themes being the exploration of roots - how they are supportive, strong, and help to give life and new growth, despite their often chaotic appearance. 

Every piece I create is truly unique, and I'm passionate about offering you a diverse selection of jewellery that not only tells a captivating story, but is also distinctly different from anything else available.

The Gemstone Connection

Being a geology enthusiast and mineral collector, I source all gemstones, crystals, minerals and rocks with great care, valuing their unique attributes, properties, and origins. Each stone tells a story, from its development in nature and unique inclusions, to its journey to my workshop and into your hands. All stones are worked by myself from their original rough form (often still on their original matrix), as this enables me to make sure they are natural genuine gemstones and untreated.

Whether I'm working with sapphire, slate, feldspar, ruby, limestone, emerald, granite, tanzanite, gneiss or opals, I feel that all stones are precious, and they are the heart of each creation I make. It can be an intense labour of love, and the result is a celebration of the profound beauty of nature's treasures, woven together to make an adornment that is full of unique character and personality.

How the jewellery is made

The precious metals and gemstones I work with undergo meticulous crafting, being intricately worked, carved, and shaped entirely by my hands employing basic tools and skills inspired by ancient techniques. This includes hand-grinding gemstones with abrasive grits, drilling holes using a hand bow drill, and shaping silver with a mouth-torch powered solely by an alcohol lamp and my breath; no electrical machinery or gas equipment is used. This process is often lengthy and physically demanding, and has required extensive study and practice to perfect. Moreover, it serves as a quiet and meditative experience, a quality that is conveyed both in the positive design and the overall feel of the jewellery when worn.

Your Story Begins Here

Join me on a journey that is about rediscovering what jewellery really is, one which travels back thousands of years to its original purpose of symbolic communication, heartfelt decoration, emotional worth and individual self expression. Explore the collections, where each gemstone has a story to tell, and every jewel is a celebration of our Earth's treasures. Experience the connection between ancient traditions and stunning contemporary design.


Contact: care@nicabrac.com