Handmade jewellery ~ traditional artisan ~ natural gemstones

Our Jewellery Story

I'm Nic, owner and artisan at Nica Brac, and I warmly welcome you to our shop. With nearly twenty years in the jewellery industry (including antique jewellery repair work, historical research, gemstone trade, commission work and contemporary jewellery design), I'm now dedicated to creating beautiful unique handmade gemstone jewellery which expresses the raw beauty of natural gemstones.  I find all types of stone beautiful, and especially enjoy working with stones that are often overlooked, ignored, or because of some perceived 'flaw' classed as unsuitable for jewellery and destined to be thrown away.

The Gemstone Connection

Being a geology enthusiast and mineral collector myself, I source genuine gemstones, minerals and rocks with great care, valuing their unique attributes, properties, and origins. Each stone tells a story, from its development in nature and unique inclusions, to its journey to my workshop and into your hands. All stones are worked on from their original rough state (many are even still on their original matrix on which they grew) when they arrive in my small workshop; this enables me to make sure they are genuine and untreated.

I cut and polish gemstones completely by eye and hand, no mechanics nor electrical machines are involved - an unusual technique which has taken me a long time to learn, experiment with and develop! I find that this unique type of jewellery making enables me to immerse myself in each piece more deeply, and as quite a sensitive person, not be upset or distracted by unpleasant loud noises and chaotic buzzing energy that electric machines can produce. Whether I am working with sapphire, slate, feldspar, ruby, limestone, emerald, granite, tanzanite, gneiss or opals, I feel that all stones are precious, and they are the heart of each creation. It can be an intense labour of love, and the result is a celebration of the profound raw beauty of nature's treasures.

Join me on a path that is about rediscovering what gemstone jewellery really is, one which travels back thousands of years to its original purpose of symbolic communication, heartfelt decoration, emotional worth and individual self expression. Explore the collections, where each stone has a story to tell, and each design is a celebration of the raw beauty of nature. Experience the connection between ancient tradition and contemporary design

Your Journey Begins Here

Artisan handmade gemstone jewellery is for everyone, and I warmly invite you to become part of our story, choosing a piece that resonates with you, not just as an accessory,  but as an beautiful expression of who you are.


Contact: care@nicabrac.com