About The Artist

Nica Brac is a creative artisan working in gemstones and precious metals, and whose designs are deeply inspired by the natural world. From the rugged landscapes of distant continents to the mysterious depths of our ancient Earth, Nica Brac's raw passion strives to capture the essence of our planet's beautiful gifts, while inviting you to take a step into an exciting new realm of contemporary artisan jewellery.

Each piece created by Nica Brac is meticulously sculpted using a self-developed practice, which in turn is inspired by their long study of ancient jeweler's techniques. No powered machinery, nor any electric equipment is used, instead each piece is worked on entirely by muscle power, shaping all the stones and metals with simple tools and bare hands. 

Every gemstone tells its own unique tale of origin, formation and life, and this is respected. Nica Brac works only with natural and untreated stones, which are meticulously cut and shaped from their raw original state, in in the exclusive Nica Brac workshop. This ensures that each piece not only radiates a distinct personality but also carries with it a sense of care, integrity and authenticity. 

With nearly two decades immersed in the world of gemstones, Nica Brac believes that each one possesses its own captivating tale; every piece of jewellery honours these exceptional gifts from nature, celebrates their beauty, and cherishes their origins of creation within our precious Earth.