Gemstone  Necklaces

Shop online for beautiful handmade gemstone necklaces, all finished in 925 sterling silver. Whether you adore ruby, sapphire, peridot amethyst and garnet, or wish to discover more unusual gemstones such as tourmaline, tanzanite, malachite, moonstone or spinel, you'll find a beautiful range of timeless artisan necklaces, each individually created by hand in my small workshop.

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Welcome to a world where traditional skills meets the allure of natural gemstones sourced from some of the most extraordinary locations around the world. Each piece is individually handcrafted using time-honored hand techniques, resulting in raw and energetic works of art.

Nica Brac necklaces and pendants are not just jewelry; they are a testament to the rich history and artistry that go into their creation. As an artisan, I am dedicated to preserving the old traditional hand creation techniques, which imbue each piece with a sense of heritage and timeless beauty; this ensures that you receive a necklace that's truly one of a kind and exceptional.

What sets our necklaces apart is the fascinating gemstones, minerals and rocks that are sourced from unusual and breathtaking locations from around the world. Explore our collection and discover gemstones from every continent across the globe, each with its own unique character and charm. These gemstones add a touch of nature's wonder to your jewelry, making them not just a fashion statement but a connection to the world's hidden treasures.

Whether you're looking for a eye catching necklace to elevate your style or a pendant that holds a special meaning, the necklace collection offers a wide range of options. Every necklace and pendant I create is a labour of love, ensuring that it carries the stories and mystique of both the gemstones' origins throughout time.

Browse our category page and experience the beauty of primal tradition and nature intertwined in our handmade gemstone silver necklaces and pendants. Embrace the enchantment of these raw unique creations, and make every day a celebration of the world's extraordinary gemstone treasures. Your journey to owning a piece of global beauty starts here.