Jewellery  Shop

Explore a world of ancient inspired hand crafted jewellery made from natural untreated gemstones that have been sourced from unusual and wild locations from around the globe.  Unearth the raw allure of peridot from Norway, a gemstone renowned for its vibrant green hue and in ancient times was believed to possess protective qualities. Amethyst is sourced from a wide range sweeping landscapes from around the world, and showcases the rich royal hues this majestic purple gemstone is known for. Agate from Ireland adds a touch of elegant charm with its unique patterns and mesmerizing beauty, and discover the range of beryls including emerald from the Himalayas and aquamarine from Portugal, which offer raw earthy pastel shades not found anywhere else. All jewellery is created in my small artisan workshop, using only traditional hands tools and ancient inspired lapidary techniques.